Is the company that organizes round trips and cruises at high speed
off the coast of Scheveningen. Well, cruises …???
The little part of sailing out of the harbor may seem like the most average cruise,
a nice slow pasage throug our harbours but with a huge tension build-up.

But as soon as open water is reached the throttle will open. Then hold on tight!
With speeds of up to 100 km p/h over the water, waves, sharp bends,
a ride in the roller coaster, seems nothing compared to our RIBS.
Get it off your bucketlist!!

And only if you have time to watch…

You have a beautiful view of the Scheveningen coastline.

So if you want to get a breath of fresh air with your friends, girlfriends, family,
colleagues or perhaps with customers, book powerboat.nu!
And we offer you a number of exciting options as an example below:

Wild Ride:

This is a fierce ride off the coast of Scheveningen and where you certainly
should not be afraid of high speed, and splashes of salt water.
You could name it the ultimate fresh-up.
Afterwards you are happy that there will be the opportunity to get some blood back
in the fingertips, because good holding is a must and a considerable physical effort.

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Company day out/teambuilding:

Beeing a day beeing really active and afterwards with the whole team on the beach having a delicious BBQ at our partner Beach Club Twins.
We organize a full-day program for you. Powerboat runs, Expedition Robinson, Bubble Ball or Powerkiting on the beach with the whole team.
Of course we arrange all of this for you! A one stop shop!

Contact us for detailed information, details or tailormade program!

Bachelor Special:

The bachelor Cold Feet Dip!

The ‘Bachelor Special’ is aimed at the bachelor. He or she is ultimately the victim.
He or she will receive a life jacket just like you and may then take place at the most spectacular place on the boat; at the very front!

Of course, we have not told him or her in advance that we have a ‘little surprise’
which we have determined in advance with you.

We do have some ideas, but are of course open for your input an wishes and
After everyone is equally well-winded and full of adrenaline, we put the boat(s) still and we get a special survival suit from a hidden compartment. Obviously this must be for the bachelor comming as a big surprise. After the bachelor has dressed up in this suit, you, as good friends, have the opportunity to throw the bachelor overboard. You may then decide for yourself how long and how far the bachelor is allowed to swim.

You can think of some nice exercises for him or her and otherwise we have some ideas. This is obviously an ideal
moment to make movies and photos with which you can torment the future for a long time. If you think that the bachelor has done his or her best, we will get the bachelor back on board and we will sail another round before we set back to the harbor of Scheveningen.

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BBQ on the beach:

Lekker BBQ op het strand, dit brengen wij graag onder bij onze partner Twins

After a wonderful day full of activities we can also take care of the
internal man.
With our partner at Beach Club Twins we provide a well organized BBQ.
There is a possibility to end the evening partying at Crazy Pianos
on the boulevard of Scheveningen.


Powerboat ride:

Wild Ride about 30 minutes; rate from € 37,50 a minimum of 4 pers.
Bachelor Special duration 45 minutes; rate € 50,- p.p.


Duration of kiting / power kiting 2 hours.
Group from 10 persons: € 25,     p.p.
Group from 25 persons: € 20,     p.p.
Group from 50 persons: € 17,50 p.p.

Bubble football:

Duration of the competition 1.5 hours.
From 10 persons: € 25,-  p.p.
From 25 persons: € 20,-  p.p.
From 50 people: € 17,50 p.p.

Expedition Robinson:

Duration of the expedition is 2 to 3 hours.
Group from 8 persons: € 25, –     p.p.
Group from 25 persons: € 20,-    p.p.
Group from 50 persons: € 17,50 p.p.
Group from 80 persons: € 15,-    p.p.

BBQ on the beach:

Self BBQ 1 at Beachclub Twins on the beach
A complete self BBQ where you can grill yourself:
Marinated spareribs-chicken saté- BBQ sausage- 100% beef burger –
home-seasoned chop. This BBQ is served with baguette,
salad, fries and sauces € 30,- p.p.

Self BBQ 2 at Beachclub Twins on the beach
A complete self bbq where you can grill yourself:
Large Gamba chicken saté- 100% beef burger – lamb chops – beef tenderloin skewer.
This BBQ is served with baguette, salad, fries and sauces
€ 35,- p.p.
* vegetarian and gluten free no problem, but report in advance.

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And much more.
Please feel free to contact us for the possibilities!
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